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Arab Company for Projects and Maintenance

Arab Company for Projects and MaintenanceAPM 
A Limited Liability Compant Established in: 2004 as Joint Venture between: AHQ sons group and the Egyptian Oil & Gas sector with Paid Capital: of 8,000,000 Saudi Riyal. The shareholders and the percentages of ownership are listed below:
Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani & Sons Co.   40%  
Petroleum Projects and Technical Consultation Company (PETROJET)     30%
Egyptian Maintenance Company (EMC)       15%
Petroleum Marine Services Company (PMS)     15%

Legal Classification: 
Commercial Registration Number: 2050045460-Dammam
Registered Activities: Construction, maintenance, repair and corrosion protection for the following
• Oil & Gas Facilities
• Petrochemical Plants
• Industrial Plants
• Power Generation Plants
• Water Desalination and sanitary stations
• Oil, Gas and Water Storage Tanks
• Oil, Gas & Water Pipelines (on & offshore)
• Offshore Birth and Platforms

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Policy
While performing our business, APM places the highest attention to the identification, control and avoidance of risk to Health, Safety & Environment, and are fully aware of our corporate and individual responsibilities.
Checklists for HSE form an integral part of our internal audit systems, and our philosophy is to think rather than react safely; this leads our teams to be proactive rather than reactive in HSE issues
It is APM policy to:
1. Ensures that all levels of personnel and subcontractors will focus on HSE issues; all systems, procedures and formats will be driven by HSE measures; all activities shall be performed in a safe and secure working environment; and Incorporate environmental considerations in the company's planning and operational decisions.
2. Comply with all applicable HSE laws and regulations and cooperate with local and national agencies in their inspection and enforcement activities.
3. Communicate HSE objectives throughout the company so that every employee understands his individual responsibilities and is appropriately trained in carrying out these objectives.
4. Promote the principal that "safety is a profitable business".  
We believe that safety and environment preservation go hand in hand with better customer services and improved financial results.

Quality Assurance Policy:

Our clients are amongst the most sophisticated in the market; they know what they want and where to get it. In APM, we are aware of the challenge to work with such discerning clients, and are committed to the principles and practices of quality assurance. APM have developed systems, procedures and formats that meet or exceed our client specifications.

In APM, we are committed to the principles and practices of quality assurance. APM is a C-Partner, which means Committed Partner.

The quality of our services is ensured through:

1. Code of professional conduct:

The code of professional conduct is binding to all members of APM, including our alliances and subcontractors. With these adherence comes the obligation to maintain the highest standard of service integrity and competence. Our code of professional conduct embodies duties, obligations and norms, which are expected from all members towards our clients.

2. Full liability for our services throughout the service chain

3. Compliance with regulations, international codes, standards and best applicable practices.

4. Mutually approved Quantifiable Deliverables and Key Performance Indicators for contracted services.

5. Advanced Quality Audits, performance trending, management reviews & proactive corrections.

6. Standard Procedures, Service Manual and Template format.

7. Transparency, Flexibility and collaborating with customers.

With over 30,000 of competent staff worldwide with us, we offer our clients the highest quality of integrated services available in the marketplace today. Each customer is treated as if they are our "first" with personalized service and attention to detail. At APM, we strive to provide knowledge, service, price and delivery that you will come to rely on.

APM CEO profile

Dr. Eng. Moataz Khalil Ibrahim Abd El Fattah, Chief Executive Officer of Arab Company for Projects & Maintenance, Domestic Business Development General Manager at Petroleum Projects and Technical Consultation Company (PETROJET) up to Jan 2017, Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Civil Engineering 2004 (Project Management), Suez Canal University, Faculty of Engineering, Certified Project Manager (CSPM) – IPMA (Level B) Management Engineering Society, Member of Engineering Syndicate, Member of Egyptian Engineering Society (EES), Board Member of Management Engineering Society (MES) and Civil Engineering Society, Cairo, Egypt, attended many national and international conferences, have Academic experience as Lecturer, Supervisor, Author and Assessor of Project Management for Port Said and Ain Shams University.

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